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The Daily Dash: November 9 2015 {My Favorite Veteran #VeteransDay}

In today’s Daily Dash video, November 6 2015, When I realized today was Veteran’s Day, I burst into tears…

The Daily Dash: November 9 2015 {My Favorite Veteran #VeteransDay}

* 2 Americans killed in Jordan
* Mizzou students protest against their president
* Trump hosts SNL – highest ratings in years

* This weekend was actually pretty emotionally charged for my family, and perhaps I’ll talk more about that soon, but I want today’s focus to be where it should be: on our veterans. Our generation will never truly know the sacrifice and work ethic that my father’s generation (dubbed “The Greatest Generation” by Tom Brokaw) experienced. Those that served in WWII, didn’t have a thing handed to them on a plate, and sacrificed far more than most of us can ever fathom.

While I originally wanted to make sure you knew about all the free meals and deals that are being given to veterans today (which you can find here: https://www.samicone.com/?p=27257), I selfishly want you to know more about my favorite veteran, my dad.
I shared some of his best money advice in this post (https://www.samicone.com/?p=6836) and I’ll do my best to share more of him on the video today…
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The Daily Dash: November 9, 2015 {My Favorite Veteran #VeteransDay}

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