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The Daily Dash: October 21 2015 {Cinderella at @TPAC & Disney DVD #Giveaway}

In today’s Daily Dash video, October 21 2015, I haven’t reported the news in a week, yet the world has gone on without me…

The Daily Dash: October 21 2015 {Cinderella at @TPAC & Disney DVD #Giveaway}

* Ryan releases conditions to be SOTH
* Jay-Z surprises Jimmy Kimmel audience
* Lamar Odam may need new kidney
* #BTTF day
* Royal’s one game away from World Series; Cubs one game away from being eliminated

* While I love the colder weather fall brings to Nashville, the swing in temps has messed with my sinuses. I pushed through and taught at Lipscomb yesterday and laid low last night. Unfortunately, that meant me missing “Cinderella” at TPAC. Fortunately, my husband had a “daddy/daughter date” with Kariss and they still got to go…and loved it!

* It was so much fun having her rush through the door and tell me not only about the fabulous costumes, dancing and songs, but also about the funny moments of the performance as well. I appreciated how she wanted to tell me enough, but not “too much, because I know you still want to go see it.”

* Even though I missed the live performance, I’m thrilled to have recently received the DVD of Disney’s Cinderella, re-told in this new and beautiful way. I’ve ALWAYS loved this story (my daughter even told a friend this weekend that she’s my favorite princess) and after watching the movie, I love it even more because of it’s message to “Have Courage & Be Kind.”

In fact, if you want to win a copy of Disney’s Cinderella for yourself, CLICK HERE to go to my giveaway page. Good luck!

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The Daily Dash: October 21, 2015 {Cinderella at @TPAC & Disney DVD #Giveaway}

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  1. I like the animated one but only because I haven’t seen the new one!