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The Daily Dash: September 22 2015 {Had to Say Goodbye}

In today’s Daily Dash video, September 22 2015, I’m back in the classroom on this glorious fall day, but I had to say goodbye (for now) elsewhere…

The Daily Dash: September 22 2015 {Had to Say Goodbye}

* Pope to tour US for next 6 days
* Scott Walker out of Republican Presidential race
* Bad software in 11 million VW cars

* I’m back in the classroom at Lipscomb University today, but I have to admit, it’s worn me out this term. For some reason, it’s taking a lot more of my time out of class this term (I’m sure because of the standardization process we’re implementing across sections this term).

* But what it’s also made me realize is that between the move, having one car and the kids’ schedules (& my volunteering – as I shared yesterday), I’m not able to do give what I need to towards my other jobs, specifically Tommy Nelson. SO I had to write a difficult email yesterday to fess up to my ‘stuff’ and ask for a temporary hiatus (and some grace). I’ve never had to do that with them before, but I’m a big believer in owning what you do (or don’t complete, in this case). Sometimes the answer isn’t no, it’s just “not now”.

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The Daily Dash: September 22, 2015 {Had to Say Goodbye}

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