Update After the ER {The Daily Dash: October 11, 2018}

by brenna

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Thank you all for your prayers; I have an update for you on my husband…

Update After the ER {The Daily Dash: October 11, 2018}

* Florida’s Gulf Coast recovering from impact of Hurricane Michael as it continues it’s path NorthEast
* NY man plotted to set off bomb in DC on Election Day; he’s now behind bars
* President Trump meets with Kayne West
* International Day of the Girl

Satan tempts us to make us lose what God has put into us throgh regeneration ~ Oswald Chambers

I’m truly overwhelmed at how many of you reached out to me to find out about Ricky’s health yesterday. I never want to over-dramatize things, but I was pretty scared driving from Urgent Care to the ER.

After a CT scan in the hospital, they found a kidney stone. While it’s incredibly painful, it’s a much better diagnosis than some of the other things the doctors were concerned it might be.

We left the hospital around 4 yesterday and he felt pretty good most of last night; I actually thought all your prayers may have brought on that miraculous healing I asked for!

Unfortunately, the pain and vomiting returned this morning, but we’ve been able to manage things a little better this afternoon, so please continue to pray “this too shall pass” (a pun so many of you have enjoyed telling us over the past 24 hours 🙂

They say you never know who your real friends are until trouble strikes; that was so true for us yesterday. I pray each of you are surrounded by a community that loves and supports you.

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Update After the ER {The Daily Dash: October 11, 2018}

Hope you make it a great day!

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