$70 for gas? Are you kidding me?

by Sami

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I’m not that old, yet I’m starting to sound like my father…”I remember when I could fill up my car with a tank of gas for under $10″ and that’s when I was in college! So when I hit empty tonight and went to fill up our reliable, non-gas hog, 2001 Camry, my eyes could not believe the numbers that kept scrolling up and up and up, all the way to almost $70! At least there used to be a game piece I could scratch off if I filled up; not even a freebie or a contest out of that…what is this world coming to?

Ok dad, this is the time to chime in with how you used to be able to buy 2 “sandwiches” (aka, Chicago Style Hot Dogs) plus fries and a drink for a nickel, and still have enough left over for a movie…ah, the good ole’ days… Looks like we may become a one-car family again after all!

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