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Celebrating Easter – a little late

Many of you know that Ricky’s cousin, Michael, was killed on April 8th. We were able to attend Easter services that Saturday night, but we found out about his car accident later in the middle of the night. Needless to say, we never got around to giving our kids their Easter baskets that Sunday. So we decided to surprise them this Sunday with their baskets. You can view some pictures and an adorable video at Picasa by clicking on or copying/pasting the following link:


Below is Kariss entertaining me earlier today with her version of the ABC’s in both English and French. Kariss’ fever finally went away on Thursday, only to have Britton come down with a 101.5 fever the same day! Both are feeling pretty good right now, though Britton’s still on the tail end of something. Please continue to pray for the entire Cone family.


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  1. Hey Cone Clan!!
    I LOVE this video!! SOOO cute! I am glad to hear you are all feeling better. I am in Paris right now and showed my friend Karis’s french! Tres Bien!! Miss you all and much love!!
    Rachel 🙂