Color Analysis Helps Simplify Your Shopping

by Sami

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I’m giving winter vibes in the heat of summer!

I cannot believe how much one visit to House of Colour Brentwood has transformed how I get ready each day!

I’ve wanted to do a color analysis for SO long, and I finally found the perfect partner to usher me into my perfect season. 

Color Analysis simplifies shopping blog

Nashville Color Analysis

Katie Dawson expertly narrowed me down to the cool/blue tones (Winter & Summer) and then we discovered I’m a Jewel Winter. 

She sent me home with a color wheel that has revolutionized how I now shop for clothes and makeup, not to mention how I look at my closet. 

But what I love most is that she didn’t tell me to get rid of everything I own. but to be more mindful of what I decide to add to my wardrobe and makeup routine moving forward.

Watch my interview with Katie from The Sami Cone Show:

“You want to be the best version of yourself and I help you get there!”

– Katie Dawson, House of Colour Brentwood

Color Session Basics

For color sessions to work, clients need to show up without makeup or a spray tan (naturally tanned skin is fine). Each session is about 90 minutes.

Katie uses drapes against your face and neck to first determine if you’re a cool (blue) or warm (yellow) tone.

  • Winter & Summer = Cool/Blue
  • Autumn & Spring = Warm/Yellow
House of Colour Wheel

As you can see from the color wheel above, winter and autumn are the more saturated of the color seasons, whereas spring and summer are a bit more muted.

After your specific color is determined, Katie then matches you with your perfect blush and your top three lip colors. (Their quick makeup routine just involves mascara, blush and lipstick or gloss).

I left feeling like a new woman!

House of colour Sami scarves before and after photo

House of Colour Brentwood

Katie Dawson is a Style & Color Analyst based in Brentwood, TN.

House of Colour was initially started in the UK in the mid-1980s and now has a growing network of stylists worldwide. House of Colour Stylists deliver bespoke color and style analysis so clients feel truly authentic.

Katie has a passion for creating the “easy button” wardrobe for her clients. She wants to curate confidence and empower her clients.

Connect with Katie and House of Colour Brentwood on Instagram.

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