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Dad Cone Update: On Our Way Home June14, 2012

We drove home from Florida yesterday. It was hard to walk away not knowing when we’ll be back, but it’s comforting knowing how many people have been surrounding dad and our entire family during this time.

Since there’s not a huge update in terms of dad’s care, we thought we’d just share some pictures we took before we left dad and the rest of the family….









Even as we headed out of town, we experienced the full gamut of Nature’s power & God’s splendor. First, we came across a (controlled) Florida brush fire:


After just a half hour on the road, we had to pull over because of torrential storms. But after the rain slowed and we found our way back to the Turnpike, the sun’s rays slowly started to break through and guide us:


Finally, God reminded us of His promise & faithfulness with this:


We didn’t even make it fully out of Florida, but we are on the road back to our life in Nashville, literally, while also trying to figure out what this road ahead will look like, figuratively.

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  1. Just catching up on all this Sami! So sorry your family is walking this path right now. Prayers for all of you!!

  2. Hope you have a nice fathers day!

  3. Thank you so much, Mandi – it’s so appreciated!