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Dad Cone Update: August 26, 2012


It’s been a month and a half since I’ve updated you on Ricky’s dad. Most of you know I stopped sharing regularly on here because I came under some scrutiny for sharing a story that’s not my own.

But when it comes to something that affects our family in such a way as it has this summer, I believe this is a part of our story, and we need your prayers now more than ever.

Dad Cone has been battling this brain tumor since early June, but just a couple days ago he was once again admitted into the Hospice House because of his failing condition. Without knowing or revealing all the details of what’s going on, suffice it to say that Ricky felt that he needed to be back in Florida immediately.

My mom has been staying with us for the past month and also wanted to get back to Florida before Hurricane Isaac hit this weekend, so Ricky planned on leaving with her this past Friday. Thankfully, his good friend Jeremy agreed to caravan down with them on the 13 hour drive so that Ricky would have a companion there and for the ride home.

Of course none of us know when we will be called Heavenward, but it seems like Dad Cone’s health has taken a downward turn more so in the past few days than it has in previous weeks.

I ask that you pray for everyone in Florida that is not only going through Hurricane Isaac presently, but also for the entire Cone family as they continue to deal with the emotions that come along with this health journey.

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  1. Jesus said, ” I will not leave you alone. I will ask the Father, and He will send another Comforter who will not leave you.” What would we do without our Comforter? I love you all dearly.

  2. SandraLucas Horton

    Thanks for sharing, Sami! The Cone family is in my thoughts and prayers!