Family Legacy {The Daily Dash: December 5, 2018}

by brenna

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A funeral & a Bible have me reflecting today…

Family Legacy {The Daily Dash: December 5, 2018}

* George H.W. Bush funeral – all living US Presidents gathered together for the first time
* Students in Paradise return to school for the first time in a month
* Pete Davidson speaks out against Cyber Bullying
* International Ninja Day

Health is the balance between the physical parts of my body and all the things and forces surrounding me. ~ Oswald Chambers

On a day when I am thinking about family history and legacy, it seems fitting to share this gift I just received: the NIV Heritage Bible.

In an age where people are so focused on their own opinions and politics, it was beautiful to see everyone lay that aside to honor the former president at his funeral this morning.

It’s also amazing that in death, people seem to reflect on what is truly important – like family-and not the mistakes we made or what side of the political aisle we sat on.

Zondervan gifted me a copy of the NIV Heritage Bible, and I am excited to be able to give away a copy to one of you as well. I won’t go into all the details since I wrote about it extensively on my blog, so head there to find out all about it, along with all the ways to enter:

As we honor a man who served our country so well, may we all be dedicated to a cause bigger than ourselves.

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Family Legacy {The Daily Dash: December 5, 2018} #Bush41

Hope you make it a great day!

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