The Bible of All Bibles {Heritage Bible}

by Sami

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Is there such a thing as the Bible of all Bibles? I suppose one could argue this point from a number of directions depending on the context: historical, sentimental or even educational. But what makes a family Bible one to last through generations?

The Bible of all Bibles NIV Heritage Bible Crop

The Bible of All Bibles

I own quite a few Bibles myself, finding different purposes for each. I’ve received some Bibles as gifts while I’ve been drawn to others because of the specific translation or the Bible study guide inside.

My Family Bibles

I remember my first Precious Moments Bible with its lavender cover, which only stays together these days because I still have its original box.

My next Bible was one I had to buy for a biblical literature class in college. Because I took it begrudgingly and wasn’t yet a believer, I bought the cheapest Bible I could find in the bookstore. (It shouldn’t surprise you that I have no idea what happened to it).

On the other end of the spectrum is the Bible my dad bought me for my 26th birthday. I was a brand-new believer and I thought just might convert my Jewish father by bringing him inside a Christian bookstore 🙂 While that thought may have been absurd, I will forever cherish his handwriting inside the cover of that study Bible.

The Legacy of a Family Bible

Now that my dad has passed on, being able to hold the Bible he gifted me is even more meaningful. It also got me thinking about the legacy of a family Bible I want to pass on to my children.

There are several qualities to consider when choosing a Bible that you hope will get passed down from generation to generation and last beyond your lifetime, including:

  • durability
  • quality
  • materials
  • meaning

With these things in mind, there’s a Bible I’d like to suggest you consider purchasing as a gift this holiday season that meets all these guidelines.

heritage bible

NIV Heritage Bible

When Zondervan asked if I was willing to do this leather Bible review, I welcomed the opportunity. At this mid-point of my life, I have the unique perspective of being able to look at all that has been passed on to me in my first 40 years, while reflecting with more seriousness on what I want the second half of my life to look like.

Even though I consider myself frugal, that doesn’t mean that I skimp in quality. I’ve learned finding the best quality is truly the best longtime value. I discovered the NIV Heritage Bible is the perfect example of this principle.

Premier Bible Features

This Premier Collection Bible combines fine craftsmanship with an elegant single-column page design. Of all the Bible translations I’ve read over the years, my go-to choice is the NIV. This Heritage Bible allows readers to enjoy the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) typeset in a special, line-matched edition featuring Zondervan’s easy-to-read NIV Comfort Print®.

From the moment you open the box this Bible arrives in, you’ll engage all your senses. Encased in a durable 2-piece box and elegantly wrapped in protective paper, each Premier Collection Bible is safely secured and packaged with careful attention to detail.

Beyond seeing the attention to detail, there’s no mistaking the scent and feel of genuine leather. Featuring a supple goatskin leather cover, stunning blue and silver art-gilded page edges, and durable edge-lined bindings, this special edition is a treasure for a lifetime in God’s Word.

Other features that set the NIV Heritage Bible apart:

  • Smyth-sewn and edge-lined construction for flexibility
  • Three satin ribbon markers, each 3/8-inch wide
  • Premium European Bible paper, 36 gsm
  • 8 pages of full-color maps
  • NIV Concordance
  • Family record section

heritage bible satin ribbonsI’ve been studying the book of Colossians lately and I wrote something down that brings everything into perspective.

Make sure your life counts for the things that matter most.

Colossians 3:23 reminds us that whatever we do, we should work at it with all our heart. So as we take stock in what’s truly important this season, may the same characteristics I’ve discussed above describe our own stories in Christ: quality, durable, meaningful and, most importantly, able to be passed on from one generation to the next.

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Janet December 5, 2018 - 5:25 pm

Always enjoy your blog and would love to win this!

Jennifer December 5, 2018 - 2:42 pm

We do not have a family bible that we have passed down but what a great tradition yo begin!

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