Hello Fresh Review & Discount Code April 2023

by Sami

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I finally got on the meal delivery train and wanted to provide an honest look into our experience with this Hello Fresh review and discount code…

Hello Fresh Free Meals Discount Code

Hello Fresh Review & Discount Code

Claim Your FREE Hello Fresh Meals NOW

A friend reached out last month to offer me a free Hello Fresh meal kit box. Believe it or not, up until that point, I’d never tried a home meal kit.

But as a newly single mom of two teenagers, trying to think of a new dinner each night takes up more brain cells than I have right now. So I gladly accepted.

I’ve now finished our first week: I ordered 3 meals for 2 people. Because my daughter is vegetarian and my son is a little picky, I opted for meals I knew I could divide amongst all three of us in some form.

Why I Love Hello Fresh

Here’s what I love: the convenience is KEY! It takes all the stress out of cooking AND thinking about cooking. I even made one of the meals for lunch ( and I RARELY stop to eat lunch normally). It’s great to be able to grab a bag from the fridge and know basically everything is there for me to cook a tasty meal, typically in about 30 minutes.

Every meal is described in words and pictures in about 6 steps. They send everything you need in the portion you need it, with the exception of things like salt, pepper, and oil.

I can also honestly say that every meal I’ve made thus far has been delicious and one both me and my kids want to make again.

I will say that I’ve been careful to choose meals with multiple components (not just tacos, for example) so I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. That being said, it’s about $20 per meal (for 2 servings) so I felt it important to share a way to save money on Hello Fresh.


There are two keys to saving money on Hello Fresh boxes: discount codes and cashback sites.

I was able to get my first box completely free thanks to a referral from a friend, but still had to pay $8.99 in shipping.

However, I was able to earn $10 back from Rakuten, so technically I got it for free.

Also, it looks like now that I’ve ordered a box, I can share an unlimited amount of Hello Fresh discount codes. I don’t know exactly how it works (since I cannot take advantage of my own discount), but I hope it helps a lot of you save BIG!

Hello Fresh Discount Codes

You don’t even need to enter any Hello Fresh discount codes when you go through either of the links below.

I actually now have 2 Hello Fresh discounts for you:

  1. Get 16 free meals + 3 surprise gifts & free shipping:
  2. Get $10 Hello Fresh DISCOUNT CODE

I’m working on a blog post to share more of my thoughts, but also wanted to get this promo code to you ASAP. The Hello Fresh meals we’ve tried and loved so far are the Spicy Maple Chicken (our family favorite), Sizzling Ginger Shrimp with Katsu Sauce, and Broccoli-Carrot Donburi with a Fried Egg.

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It doesn’t get any more simple than my prayer for today: for us to love one another and put love above all.

Speaking of loving others, I also want to thank Donna for contributing to my fundraiser to benefit Open Table of Nashville. I’m still asking for everyone who feels compelled to contribute $5 via GoFundMe.

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Hello Fresh Shepherd’s Pie Review Video:

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