Holiday today?

by Sami

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We wanted to thank all of you for all your prayers, love and encouragement. Though tragedy never makes sense, we rest confident in knowing that our God is faithful and loving. We live in an imperfect world and take each day as it comes, with hope of a brighter tomorrow!

Though we have a few more details of Stephen’s death, we still do not know when his services will be. He was found in some “woods” not far from where Jimmy lives in Hobe Sound and had been there for quite some time. Because of the holiday weekend, we cannot talk with the coroner until tomorrow, and because of the way he died, there will need to be some investigations before the funeral home can step in. Needless to say, I cannot even begin to imagine how Aunt Diane, Uncle Kenny and Jimmy are feeling right now.

On a more upbeat note, the entire Cone family has been surrounded by love and an outpouring of support, including us. Our friends from our small groups (special thanks to Kelly, Holly, Jess & Dave!) have rallied around us to help us so I can get things done around the house, and have brought food and sanity! We love you guys! We’ve tried to keep the kids on somewhat of a normal schedule the past few days, and that includes their swim lessons. I wanted to share how Kariss is doing, and i’m going to try to upload video of Britton as well! Enjoy…


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Karon September 4, 2007 - 1:20 am

Those are some great swimmers!! They are doing very well! That’s something we need to do for our kids. Our oldest is pretty good at it, but not our middle or youngest child.
Great video!

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