How to Preserve Childhood Memories & Create Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts

by Sami

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If you’re like me, you likely have bins in your garage filled with your kids’ baby items, school awards and favorite pictures. If you’re wondering how to preserve childhood memories and create meaningful mother’s day gifts with those keepsakes, keep reading.

I asked author Amy Carney to come on The Sami Cone Show to share how to create meaningful gifts for Mother’s Day and beyond with these childhood keepsakes. The following is a guest post from Amy with unique ways to preserve memories.

As we approach the first Sunday of May every year, we contemplate what it is that we can gift
the special moms in our lives. While flowers, meals, and gift cards are wonderful ways to
celebrate Mother’s Day, why not give Mom a more meaningful present that will live on beyond
this year.

When I was diagnosed with cervical cancer several years ago, I questioned what I would want to
hand down to my four young children if that disease were to take my life. Fortunately, I returned
to full health and with a deeper appreciation for the importance of leaving a legacy while I’m
alive and able. I developed my legacy keepsake product line because of that experience. 

Moms must take the time to capture the memories and moments of motherhood through the
years. I created three products to help mothers create a lasting keepsake to enjoy today and pass
down to future generations.

3 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts

These 3 meaningful Mother’s Day gifts are actually perfect for any holiday. They also provide unique and special ways to preserve special childhood memories and important family milestones:

  1. 100 Questions for Mom Journal
  2. You are Loved 7×7 Keepsake Album
  3. The Cherished Childhood Keepsake Kit

How to Create Meaningful Mementos to Hand Down to our Kids

Let’s take a deeper look at these three meaningful mementos that we can hand down to our kids.

1. 100 Questions for Mom Journal

The 100 Questions for Mom journal helps moms of all ages and stages intentionally record the
many moments of their lives and legacies. After all, our wisdom can only be treasured by future
generations if we take the time to share our stories.

This guided journal, created for mothers and grandmothers, is full of thoughtful prompts that
encourage you to record your stories. Insightful questions are on every page, from childhood
memories to reflections on your hopes for the future. 

2. You are Loved 7×7 Keepsake Album

We love to post our precious digital photos on social media sites’ walls, but what if we compiled
printed pictures of our memories with mom into an archival keepsake book instead.

Mother’s Day gives us a perfect excuse to gather our printed photos and preserve them in this
little album letting Mom know how much she is loved.

Compile pictures of mom and her loved ones in a You are Loved keepsake book along with some
handwritten notes, and you’ll have the perfect Mother’s Day gift that will live on well beyond this

Or give it to mom blank, and each year she can add a photo of her with her children to the album
creating a Mother’s Day treasure.

3. The Cherished Childhood Keepsake Kit

Grandma and Mom handed me down some of my clothes, blankets, and dolls from my
childhood. Unfortunately, they mean little to me because I don’t know anything about the
material items I have in my possession.

Where did I wear this matching dress and booties?
Who crocheted this baby blanket for me? Did
I actually play with this doll?

Without the stories attached to these items I keep in a box in my closet, they mean very little. I
realized that I wanted to bring more meaning to the collection of childhood items I’ve been
saving to hand down to my sons and daughter.

I created The Cherished Childhood Keepsake Kit to help moms quickly turn childhood’s bin of
stuff into a treasure box of meaningful mementos instead of just meaningless stuff that we felt
was important to save.

This Mother’s Day and beyond, consider purchasing a gift for Mom that will help her showcase
the stories and memories that have made up her life.


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