How to Save on Fall Road Trips & Stay Present with Your Family

by Sami

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With Fall Break upon us, it’s the perfect time of year for a road trip. But how do you save money, have fun and still stay present with your family? We’re exploring all that and more, plus the top Fall road trip destinations from Nashville…

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How to Save on Fall Road Trips

I began by asking Sam why family travel is so important to her. I love her answer:

I travel with my family because I believe traveling breeds empathy and flexibility in kids. Not only does it push us outside our comfort zones, it helps us to connect with different ways of living around the world

– Samantha Nelson

How to Save Money Roadtripping with Your Family

I’ve shared budget road trip tips before, but some of them are so important they bear repeating. You can click on the full post for all the details, but here are some key points and questions to ask before you hit the road:

  • Determine the purpose of your trip to determine your budget (is the drive part of your trip, or just a means of getting somewhere?).
  • Drive during off-times
  • Stock up on snacks before the trip (both for the car & hotel)
  • Make use of memberships for hotel & attraction discounts

Road Trips Don’t Have to Be Long

A road trip can be for just a few hours, or even for a quick weekend. Don’t let the length of time you have to get away deter you from making the trip. Especially living in Nashville, there are some amazing destinations and festivals throughout the year that are within an hour’s drive.

Surprising Holiday Road Trip Destinations

Samantha’s #1 road trip destination this time of year is the beach. Not only does it stay warmer longer, but you can get great deals. We’ve even spent Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach and while we may not have done as much sunbathing, we found great deals and no crowds.

She also recommended checking out Dahlonega, GA during Christmastime or Knoxville, TN for their Elf on the Shelf scavenger hunt throughout downtown.

How to Stay Present with your Family While Capturing Memories

Samantha takes incredible photos, so I couldn’t let her go without asking how to capture the moment while staying present with her family.

Her best advice is simple, yet powerful, “Don’t pose your kids. Snap a pic of them in the moment. You’ll capture the emotion, the movement, and their wonder which will serve to be precious memories for you for years to come.”

Weekend Trips from Nashville

Samantha and her husband run the site “Weekend Trips from Nashville” and they release a new trip itinerary each Friday. They also manage a Facebook group by the same name. You’ll definitely want to check both out!

While you’re at it, follow Samantha for more travel and photography inspiration at @Mrs_SamanthaNelson & @ThoseCrazyNelsons.

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