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It's Like Vacation

I almost feel like I’ve been on vacation!

Now, don’t get me wrong. A lot has gone on in my life this week, both at home and with work. I’ve had a lot of projects to complete and there is still a lot to do with the house before I can confidently say we’re settled. However, one of the biggest reasons we moved to Nashville was to focus on our family more and that’s what we’ve been doing.

Just yesterday, we spent the morning at Centennial Park which not only has some amazing historical monuments, but also a beautifully vast part and large playground. From there we ate at another Nashville staple, Monell’s, which is essentially southern food at its best served family style (you sit at a 12 person table and there are only 4 of such tables in the whole place).

Today was the one day a year where The Country Music Hall of Fame is free (normally it’s around $20 per person just to get in), so we got there before any lines formed and had fun experiencing a bit of why Nashville is referred to as Music City, USA. For breakfast we introduced the kids to Pancake Pantry in West End – another old favorite of ours and just about everyone else in town (I’ll soon upload the picture of what the line outside looked like just to get in! Not to mention it was only 30 degrees out this morning!)

So, that being said, I’m thankful. I’m so happy to be in such a beautiful place where there’s always something to do…and I can’t wait to do more!