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Our FIRST First Day of School!

It’s official ~ we have school age kids! This morning, we dropped both Kariss and Britton off at Jupiter Montessori Academy. They’ll both be there 3 mornings a week (M-W-F) though Britton will be there only until noon and Kariss will stay until 1:30. So here I am, typing on a computer without feeling guilty about not singing Wiggles songs or having a dance party in my living room!

I do have to say my exuberance is tempered by the impeding storm rolling in outside my window. Though we’re not expecting much from fay, the two tone sky is quickly being replaced by a black line of clouds and we have yet to prepare…and we all remember what happened when we thought Wilma wasn’t going to be much of anything 2 years ago! The joy of Florida summer without electricity!