Politics – my first and last comment

by Sami

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Ok, so I already know I’m a bit of a disappointment coming from a family of lawyers. Perhaps it was because my father’s idea of good tv for me when I was 6 consisted of Washington Week in Review and the McNeil Lehrer News Hour on PBS (my apologies to all parties whose names I did not spell correctly).
That being said, I’ve always had an aversion to politics. Call me crazy, but why is it that we don’t have enough money to feed everyone in our country, but somewhere there are enough funds to create wack-a-doodle signs with “Michelle” written on them for a convention hall full of people? And why do we need conventions anyway? To suddenly feel good about the one person who has survived all the backstabbing and mud-slinging from the past 19 months? I’m sorry, but aren’t the same people on the platform currently signing your praises the same people who were destroying your reputation a few months ago? I just don’t get it.
On that note, who is doing the job we’re actually paying these people for? If I’m not mistaken, most of the people who are running for this prestigious office are already Senators or something of the like. So not only are they getting paid to NOT do their job, but they’re asking for more money to make more wack-a-doodle signs for people (who also, seemingly, must have a job that pays them not to be there) to wave them around like those crazy Beatles fans I always see black and white clips of from the 60’s). I heard that the candidates are raising millions of dollars just to campaign! Seriously? Surely we could put that money to better use around here. If they can’t figure that out, maybe they could rent “Dave” and get some pointers.
Couldn’t we just have one party – the American party? After all, aren’t we all supposed to be working towards the same goals? The same good for all of humanity? What happened to terms like Integrity, Respect, Kindess and most importantly, One Nation Under God? Forget political parties, forget religious denominations and forget who’s funding what. In the spirit of the Olympics, couldn’t we put our differences aside and focus on treating others as we wish to be treated while dreaming of something bigger than ourselves? The Bible is filled with admonishments of living in Unity, as one body, called to a higher purpose.
Call me naive, call me sentimental, call me crazy, but if all the people who have been volunteering to call my house over the past week 10 times a day would instead volunteer at a school or shelter, we wouldn’t have to be so worried about WHO is in office as much as we would be working together to eliminate the need for SO MANY offices!
Just a thought….

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