So Happy to Know You Book Review {Daily Dash: September 19, 2023}

by Sami

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If I haven’t told you lately, I’m so happy to know you and I’m even happier to share about a new children’s book by the same title…

So Happy to Know You Book Review {Daily Dash: September 19, 2023}


My friend Annie (aka NY Times bestselling author Annie F. Downs) knows how to have fun. She’s a loud-laugher and an enneagram 7 if that tells you anything. In fact, she even hosts a podcast called “That Sounds Fun”.

But what I love about Annie is that she includes everyone, including the littlest of listeners (aka, her mini BFFs). So much so that she has a new children’s book out today called, “So Happy to Know You!”

The positive and empowering message in this book is that our kids are perfect exactly as they are and that being uniquely themselves is the best thing they could do. This book will help kids accept themselves while simultaneously showing them the joy of accepting others for who they are designed to be.

Annie used to be a teacher (in fact this book is dedicated to her former students) and that shows in her writing. I especially love how the illustrations by Jennie Poh highlight kids of multiple races and abilities.

Get your copy of “So Happy to Know You” on Amazon.


  • 5 Americans released from Iran returned home
  • Black Bear spotted at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World
  • Nick Chubb carted off field with a knee injury during MNF
  • Ariana Grande filed for divorce after 2 years of marriage
  • National Voter Registration Day


Never focus your eyes on the obstacle…remember to stay focused on the source ~ Oswald Chambers


I pray we not only learn to accept and embrace ourselves for how God designed us, but that we can learn to do the same with everyone we meet, especially those individuals closest to us.

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Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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