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Weekend Update in Pictures: October 12, 2014

Kids tshirt fabric markers

Me and the kids had a beautifully simple weekend where we got to stay home (for the most part) and do some things we’ve been wanting to do for a while, including baking, organizing and even some crafting. We made so many great memories and captured some special images, so I wanted to share them here with you. If you …

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Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies: Recipe Tips

Looking for the perfect chocolate chip cookies recipe tips? Look no further! I’m ashamed to say I just made my first batch of Christmas cookies with the kids this year, so I was determined to make them my best chocolate chip cookies ever! For that, I was determined to do two things: 1. Use quality ingredients 2. Scour Google for …

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Fleischmann’s Yeast Coupon

There is a new coupon for $1.oo off 2 Fleischmann’s Active Dry Yeast – which means you may be able to get this for free with the right sale! The holidays are quickly approaching which means baking season is upon us! So I just thought you all would appreciate this coupon 😉

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Pantry Solutions for Healthy Eating Plans: Snacks!

I know I’ve taken a little break in our pantry solutions for healthy eating plans series, but the journey once again continues this week with: Snacks This is the longest of all the videos, but so well worth it. I learned more from this segment than any other. In it, Jenni reveals the truth about everything from fruit snacks and …

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Pantry Solutions for Healthy Eating Plans: Baking Items

I’ve been waiting for this in our pantry solutions for healthy eating plans series. The journey continues in week six with: Baking Items. I know, I know…some of you are very hesitant to even touch this topic. You’re saying, “Sami, I’ve been with you through the beans and the ketchup, but don’t touch my desserts!” Baking is a very sweet …

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