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CitruSolution Review: Nashville’s Natural Carpet Cleaner


There is no doubt that moving can be stressful, but in all the moves we have made over the years, there are a few non-negotiables, all of which have to do with cleaning three key areas of the home: The air ducts, the walls, and the floors. In fact, we almost didn’t buy the home that we lived in for …

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Our House Day 15: Writing Home Blessings on Bare Floors

Here’s what’s going on in our house on day 15 since buying our home: we’re writing home blessings on our bare floors. Since we were taking up the old carpet and replacing it, we wanted to take the opportunity to write scripture and blessings on the foundation before laying the new carpet.Ricky & I wrote the scripture that we pray …

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Home Ownership Day 14: Laying Carpet & Cleaning Air Ducts

It’s day 14 of home ownership for us and I managed to make it back into the new house (after my emotional moment last week) just in time to meet our friends from Lowes who are laying carpet today and Mr. B’s who are cleaning air ducts today. I learned SO much after talking to Warren, owner of Mr. B’s …

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