CitruSolution Review: Nashville’s Natural Carpet Cleaner

by Sami

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There is no doubt that moving can be stressful, but in all the moves we have made over the years, there are a few non-negotiables, all of which have to do with cleaning three key areas of the home:
The air ducts, the walls, and the floors.

In fact, we almost didn’t buy the home that we lived in for the past three years because the previous owner smoked, and it felt like there was no way we could ever get rid of the smell; just another reason why it’s ever so important to be extremely selective about the products you use and the people you hire.

Though I know most people opt for hardwood floors these days, I still love carpeting in bedrooms and living areas. I enjoy being able to comfortably lay on my stomach around a monopoly board or roll around during a tickle fight on a Saturday morning.

And as much as I love to vacuum, I couldn’t shake the fact that I didn’t feel like I was getting up all the dirt and contaminants that were in the carpet with my vacuum alone. So when CitruSolution contacted me about cleaning my carpets, I was intrigued, but had some serious questions I first need an answer.

First of all, just as carpets can soak up more dirt, they can also hang onto harsh chemicals longer. That’s why I wanted to ensure that whatever cleaning methods being used were all natural.

My second concern had to do with downtime in labor: how long would we have to stay off the carpets? Would I have to move all my own furniture?

And finally, I needed to know who I was letting in my home. How reputable was the company? How thoroughly did they check their employees before hiring?

When I asked the folks at CitruSolution what makes them different, this is what they said sets them apart:

Pricing. CitruSolution quotes a flat rate per room or item that is all inclusive. All our cleaning is “deep cleaning.” Coupons, such as Groupon and others tempt consumers with a low-ball price. But these are just a way to get in the door and upsell. CitruSolution’s charges are quite reasonable with no upsells.

A Specialist. Really. They only clean fiber-based items: Carpets, Rugs (Oriental and area), and upholstery for both commercial and residential clients. (Drapes are best vacuumed using your vacuum’s upholstery brush and spot cleaned if necessary.)

Our Cleanser. CitruSolution’s primary citrus cleanser, d-limonene, has not only cleaning and deodorizing properties but also is proven effective in killing dust mites. The citric acid, like lemon juice, neutralizes shampoo and other residues that make colors dull and attract dirt.

Not only was I satisfied with the answers I discovered to my questions, but I was most excited about the method which CitruSolution uses.

As someone who began using essential oil’s in the past couple years for personal use, I was thrilled to discover that the main cleaning agent CitruSolution utilizes is a dry cleaning fluid process with a twist of lemon, orange, and grapefruit.

d-Limonene is a major component extracted from citrus rinds. The rinds and pulp are sent to an evaporator and the d-Limonene is steamed out. It widely known for it’s pleasant scent and degreasing properties. d-Limonene is currently being used in many applications such as chlorinated solvent replacements, hand cleaners, and sewage treatments.

Since d-Limonene solvent is extracted from natural resources (i.e. orange, and lemon peels), the solvent does not add any materials into the environment than what would occur naturally. Therefore, it does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals. Using naturally derived solvents such as cleaning agents, is an excellent source of ozone reduction. D-Limonene is biodegradable too, an important issue to water treatment plants and everyone who drinks water.

In fact, they even left a full bottle of the solution (CitruSpotter) with me so that I would have it available for my own spot treatments if necessary.

citrusolution van

It should go without saying that the house smelled great after the cleaning, but more importantly, it left me with peace of mind. The franchise owner assured me my home was in the top percentage of cleanliness compared to other homes he’s frequented and still, you would not believe the amount of dirt and grime that came out of my carpets!

The proof is in the evidence at the end, and I’m not ashamed to admit my evidence was filthy. But in just a few hours, the crew of two were able to clean all the carpeting in my 3200 sq. ft. home…and they couldn’t have been nicer while doing it.

I also learned that you can expect to get 8-10 years out of a quality carpet if vacuumed frequently (1-2 times per week). However, dirt acts like an abrasive on your carpet and can shorten that lifespan.

If you have kids or pets, you should be cleaning your carpets twice a year. Regardless of what’s going on in your home, steam cleaning once a year is going to prolong the life of your carpets.

My only complaint is that not all of the furniture I wanted moved was actually moved to clean under. It came down to a communication issue, so I should have, like I typically do in a deep cleaning situation, made a written list of exactly what I wanted done and where it was to be done. When I brought it to the attention of the franchise owner, he said he would be more than happy to remedy the situation, but since it was only a small section under a couple chairs, I didn’t take him up on his offer.

If I had to some of my experience with CitruSolution in one word it would be this: trustworthy.
I found the company to be trustworthy.
I found their employees to be trustworthy while in my home.
And most importantly, I found their product to be trustworthy when it came to the health, safety and cleanliness of my home.

As we once again find ourselves in the midst of another move, I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of CitruSolution, whether you’re moving into a new home or simply wanting to make your home line new again!

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