Our House Day 15: Writing Home Blessings on Bare Floors

by Sami

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Here’s what’s going on in our house on day 15 since buying our home: we’re writing home blessings on our bare floors.

Since we were taking up the old carpet and replacing it, we wanted to take the opportunity to write scripture and blessings on the foundation before laying the new carpet.Ricky & I wrote the scripture that we pray with our kids every night (and have since they were born), Proverbs 6:20-23, in their rooms along with prayers for them and we wrote prayers for our marriage and what our home represents in our bedroom.20120515-215434.jpg20120515-215446.jpg



There’s just something special about knowing we got to strip the house of what it was and build a new foundation of what we hope and pray and it will be, not only for our family, but for all who walk in it.

Want to catch up on our entire home ownership journey? Follow along from Day 1!

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