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LOVE ~ 12 Days of Uncommon Kids {Day 1}

Raising Uncommon Kids Love

My book (I can’t believe I get to say that!) releases in just 12 DAYS! 12 Days! And so I didn’t just want to do a countdown, but I wanted to give you a preview, an insight, a piece of my heart – if you will – and share a glimpse of what went in to creating each chapter of …

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Christian Valentines Day Cards & Decor

Just like I’m not a fan of only showing love (or celebrating it) on one day of the year, netter can we only be a Christian when we feel like it. So I was delighted to discvore that Ever Thine Home (a part of FamilyLife) developed beautiful Christian Valentines Day Cards & Decor. First of all, if you’ve been looking …

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How to love when you don’t feel like it…

how to love when you don't feel like it

Love. It’s what February is all about, right? But what about those of us that don’t have love in our lives? Or worse yet, what if we love deeply, but get hurt by that love? Perhaps we’ve reached the point where we simply just don’t feel very loving anymore. What then? I can tell you from first-hand experience, I found …

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Sibling Love: #SiblingLove Twitter Party on 2/25

Sibling Love Twitter Party

The topic of love is not a new one for February, but how much thought do you give you sibling love? I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I essentially grew up as an only child; I have three half brothers, but they were all out of the house by the time I was two. So when it comes …

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Emmerson Eggerichs Author Chat on FaithGateway: Love & Respect in the Family

I hope you’ll be able to join me tonight as I have the privilege of hosting the Emmerson Eggerichs Author Chat on FaithGateway.com! This is such a privilege because not only have I read Emmerson’s breakthrough book, Love & Respect, but we’ve even attended his live seminars when he lived in Florida. It’s so exciting to think that what Love & …

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#Love #PhotoOfTheDay: Instagram Photo Challenge October 2013

Love PhotoOfTheDay Instagram Photo Challenge October 2013

I guess I’ve been bitten by the #31Days bug, so I wanted to throw one more challenge into the mix…an Instagram Photo Challenge! I love telling stories through pictures on Instagram (& honestly, how it allows me to feel more ‘artsy’ than I really am!). I also wanted to find a way to learn more about you and be known …

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Valentine’s Day Tommy Nelson Book Giveaway


It seems like a lot of you are un-crafty moms like me, so I decided to write a Valentine’s Day kids’ craft post over at TommyNelson.com to save all of you before the big day! Source: samicone.com via Sami Cone on Pinterest (For a full tutorial, read my Valentine’s Day Kids Card Pinterest Craft post). Before heading over to read …

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Filling Your Kids’ Love Bank; a Meaningful Beauty giveaway

What could a meaningful beauty giveaway possible have to do with filling your kids’ love bank? When I was approached with the offer to be one of the bloggers to giveaway one of 10 complete skin care Anti-Age Systems from Meaningful Beauty, I agreed because they also asked me a more important question: What’s been your most meaningful moment in …

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