LOVE ~ 12 Days of Uncommon Kids {Day 1}

by Sami

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12 Days of uncommon kids day 1 love

My book (I can’t believe I get to say that!) releases in just 12 DAYS!

12 Days!

And so I didn’t just want to do a countdown, but I wanted to give you a preview, an insight, a piece of my heart – if you will – and share a glimpse of what went in to creating each chapter of my book, Raising Uncommon Kids.

So everyday for the next 12 days until the book releases everywhere on January 19, 2016, you’ll get a sneak peak into why I wrote each chapter, some of the stories included in the book and, of course, why I’m determined to not only raise uncommon kids myself, but to help you do the same!

The breakdown of the book looks like this:

SECTION One: Your Heart at Home

1. LOVE (focus: God)
2. HARMONY & JOY (focus: Character of the Home)
3. GENTLENESS (focus: Parent to Child)
4. BEAR WITH (focus: Child to Child/Siblings)

SECTION Two: Your Attitude with Others

5. FORGIVE (focus: Extended Family)
6. WISDOM (focus: School)
7. PATIENCE (focus: Church/Community Group)
8. KINDNESS (focus: Neighbor/Neighborhood)

SECTION Three: Your Influence in Your World

9. GRATITUDE (focus: City)
10. PEACE (focus: State)
11. HUMILITY (focus: Country)
12. COMPASSION (focus: World)

In the introduction, I mention the key to raising uncommon kids is a truth most parents don’t want to hear: it starts with you. Your influence will change your kids far more than your instruction. But that’s just part of it. Are you ready to hear the rest?

Here we go…
Raising Uncommon Kids Love

Day 1: Love

While Raising Uncommon Kids is all about raising selfless kids in a self-centered world, compassion is in fact the last characteristic I discuss in the book.

The first and most foundational characteristic is love.

Before parents can demonstrate love to their children, we must first learn how to love the One who loves His children the most and in return learn how to demonstrate love to Him. Lessons are more often “caught” than they are “taught,” so the examples of spiritual discipline play a primary role in setting a foundation, especially when a parent may not have received a model of such when they were children.

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Make it Practical: At the end of each chapter, I offer ways to put the characteristic and prayer focus of that chapter to work in a tangible way. One example is to offer your time: while kids may not have a lot of money to give, they most certainly have time and talents that you as their parent, caregiver or pastor can help them cultivate.

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