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Prayer from a (sometimes) single parent

prayer from a sometimes single parent

Have you ever heard of the expression “tour widow”? I hadn’t either before I became one. It’s an insider term for what much of the music industry calls the wives of musicians who go out on tour for weeks or months at a time, leaving them home alone or to care for their children. I remember the first three week stint …

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Our Kids Bedtime Routine & Prayer

Kids Bedtime Routine

Motherhood crept up on me. I know I know, I had nine months to prepare for my first child. But as an only child myself, I was not exposed to a lot of babies, much less taught how to care for little ones. I followed my doctors advice and actually didn’t read any parenting books while I was pregnant. However, …

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Felt Prayers

Have you ever been able to feel when someone is praying for you? You ever wished you could sense some prayers more than you do? Or perhaps the better question is, do you feel like your prayers make an actual difference in the life of the person you’re praying for? All these questions went through my mind just a couple …

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Kids Prayer Poster

RUK Prayer Poster image

If you’re looking for a tangible way to help your family pray together on a consistent basis, consider making a Kids Prayer Poster. When I first became a Christian in my 20’s, I quickly realized I couldn’t possibly pray for everyone all the time. So while I knew there would always be spontaneous and continuous prayer in my life, I …

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Family Prayer Shield

Raising Uncommon Kids Prayer Shield

I’ve been getting asked about our Family Prayer Shield a lot lately, so I thought it only fitting to share about what it is, how it got started and how we’ve refined it over the years. I first learned about having a prayer shield from one of my mentors and colleagues, Catherine Hickem.  Though I know we are to called …

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Answered Prayers! No Lymphoma or Thyroid Cancer!

I have good news! Our prayers were answered! There is no lymphoma or thyroid cancer in my body! (That, and I lost 6 pounds from yesterday – or maybe it’s just the difference in doctor’s scales…whatever it is, don’t steal my joy!) It’s no secret that I was quite downhearted after yesterday. While I completely appreciated my visit with Dr. …

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Weekend to Remember in Nashville: BOGO Deal

This week, Family Life’s Weekend to Remember will be selling tickets as a buy one get one. From now until September 14, you and your spouse can attend Weekend to Remember for half the price.  Register today and take your spouse for free and all you need is the promo code BOGO. You know that great marriages don’t happen by …

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Practical Ways to Pray: Tommy Nelson Blog

My latest “Tommy Mommy” post, “Practical Ways to Pray” is live on the Tommy Nelson blog today! Here’s an excerpt: Coming to know Christ in my 20’s, I felt like I had a lot of catching up to do.Luckily, I had (and still have) a very godly woman who was willing to mentor me, answer my questions and come alongside …

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Expect Results

Many of us pray, but do not wait for a response.  Sometimes the response we receive from God is not the same as what we praying for, and therefore we believe the prayer to be ineffective. Too many times I believe we pray without actually expecting God to deliver results.  It is as if we are throwing words into a …

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