Teaching Kids about Listening to the Voice of Jesus when they Pray

by Sami

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Speaking with our Heavenly Father is important; in fact, I dare say it’s one of the most important things we can do in our Christian walk along with reading God’s Word.

But speaking without listening is only a monologue.

To truly commune and develop a relationship with our Heavenly Father, we must make room for dialogues to happen daily.

As a Professor of Communications who teaches public speaking, one of the first things I teach my students on the first day of class is the speech communication process. Freshman often mistakenly believe there is only one channel of communication when it comes to public speaking, when in reality there are eight.

Think about it: a message can be sent by a speaker, but without a listener to receive that message, it exists in a vacuum. Add in other elements that can affect proper communication like interference, setting and the message itself, and we quickly realize how much more there is to speech than simply opening our mouths and making sounds.

Besides the fact that we drill into our children a one-sided relationship with God from an early age, there is another glaring issue: they focus on ’the ask’.

The majority of prayers we learn as children ask God for things. Sure, there is a sprinkling of thankfulness built in as well, but let’s face it, we teach kids at an early age to get good at making lists for God.

Believe me, I get the heart behind it. As a parent… {Read the full article at FaithGateway.com}

I must also warn you, be prepared to answer the question from your kids, “How do I know that voice was God?”

Of course, we will never have a definitive answer to that wise question, but I can tell you what I tell my children: God speaks to us in a way we understand and if we need clarification, we can always ask that of Him. If He lives in our heart, then it would only be natural that we would speak the same language.

If you’re looking for an even clearer way to start teaching even the youngest of kids to listen to the voice of Jesus through prayer, may I suggest Sarah Young’s book, “Jesus Calling Little Book of Prayers”? If you’re familiar with the Jesus Calling series, you already know they are written in a voice inspired by God’s Word. This newest book offers simple prayers that will remind children that God made them, that He loves them, and that He loves to spend time with them. With simple language and engaging art, this sturdy board book will capture your little ones’ attention as they discover how to talk to Jesus in prayer.

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