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Arm & Hammer Spinbrush ProClean Review – Not your dad’s toothbrush

The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush ProClean is definitely NOT your dad’s toothbrush! Ok, I’ll admit it. I used to make fun of my dad for using an electric toothbrush. With all the cords, wires, chargers and assorted paraphernalia  he had t0 travel work just to maintain his dental health, I seriously questioned whether all the hassle was worth it… Then …

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Save your smile while saving your budget!

I know, I know…you’re skeptical about trying another new toothpaste. Let’s face it: don’t we all want to save our smile from the regular offenders like coffee, tea and soda? But trying lots of new toothpastes can be annoying, not to mention costly! That’s why Arm & Hammer wants to help save your smile while saving your budget. While I’ve …

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Baby Teeth Need Love Too – What Parents Don’t Know: Giveaway Day 5

When my kids’ baby teeth started arriving on the scene, I can honestly say I was much more concerned about the pain it caused my baby and not the dental care they needed to receive. Honestly, I figured that if their baby teeth are going to fall out anyway, I didn’t need to worry too much about brushing them! What …

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Smile! Arm & Hammer Advance White Brilliant Sparkle Toothpaste Review

When the box arrived recently containing the Arm & Hammer Advance While Brilliant Sparkle toothpaste to review, my husband and I rushed into the bathroom to try it right away. We brushed and smiled at each other. Anticipating his response, I asked the rhetorical question anyway. “Quick – what’s the first thing thing that comes to your mind right now.” …

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Try Arm & Hammer Toothpaste Free!

Now you can try Arm & Hammer Toothpaste Free! I guess it pays for me to watch tv because I found another free offer on a commercial. Just fill out this brief form and you’ll receive a Free Sample of Arm & Hammer Advance White toothpaste. It beats dipping your toothbrush into the box of baking soda in your fridge!

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