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Arm & Hammer Spinbrush ProClean Review – Not your dad’s toothbrush

SpinbrushThe Arm & Hammer Spinbrush ProClean is definitely NOT your dad’s toothbrush!

Ok, I’ll admit it. I used to make fun of my dad for using an electric toothbrush. With all the cords, wires, chargers and assorted paraphernalia┬á he had t0 travel work just to maintain his dental health, I seriously questioned whether all the hassle was worth it…

Then I turned 29.

Call it what you will, but I suddenly saw the value in the technology of an electric toothbrush. Even though I bought one on sale and with a coupon, it broke the bank. But still, I thought surely my teeth will thank me in the future.

Fast forward a few years to today. Ever since we’ve been married, my husband and I have shared that same toothbrush (with separate heads of course!) which hasn’t been an issues because we typically travel together (and he’s usually the toothbrush wrangler!). But as I was packing for the Savvy Blogging Conference last week, I realized that I couldn’t take away the electric toothbrush….nor did I really want to bring all the accessories it necessitated.

At that moment, I was grateful for the latest package I received from Arm & Hammer containing their Spinbrush ProClean. “PERFECT!” I thought to myself. I still could harness the power of my electric toothbrush with the portability of a battery-powered toothbrush.

But what I didn’t realize until I started using it these past few days was that this little dynamo is so much more advanced than my electric counterpart! Not only is it the #1 battery-powered toothbrush brand, but it also features dual-action technology – a combination of spinning and back and forth brushing heads for the ultimate clean. (Do I even need to mention that it’s been proven to remove up to 70% more plaque in hard to reach places versus a manual toothbrush.) Enough said.

Really, all I cared about was that in one convenient package, I was harnessing a major teeth-cleaning powerhouse that was perfect for travel! But now that I’m home, I’m afraid my friend from the past 7 years (yes, I turned 36 last week) is about to get the boot for good!

I’m also excited to look into the kids Spinbrush, which comes in multiple designs (some with over 140 stickers for them to personalize themselves!) And with a cost somewhere around $5 once you add this Spinbrush coupon, the deal is hard to beat!

I guess I need to go apologize to my dad now for giving him such a hard time all those years….Hey! Maybe I should buy him is own Spinbrush ­čÖé


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