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A Working Mom on the Go with a Hectic Schedule: How to Keep a Clear Head

As a working mom on the go, it’s tough to keep a clear head!  So when Mucinex® approached me about tips to keeping a clear head while balancing my hectic schedule, I happily accepted the opportunity. After all, I’m always getting asked how I do what I do. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a magic answer. I’m passionate. I’m driven. …

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Working Mom Wardrobe Workout February 6, 2013

This may be my favorite working mom wardrobe workout so far…perhaps because it’s actually what I wore to work today. As an entrepreneur and a blogger who does much of my work behind a computer keyboard, by necessity, I only have to look good from the waist up. Seeing as a large majority of my meetings are done by Skype …

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Working Mom Wardrobe Workout January 11, 2013


It was an amazingly beautiful ‘Winter’ day here in Nashville today: 70 degrees and crisp blue skies! Since I spend most of the day inside with my home office organization project, I decided to hit the YMCA after I picked the kids up from school. But the weather and lighting was so beautiful we decided to clown around outside a …

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