A Working Mom on the Go with a Hectic Schedule: How to Keep a Clear Head

by Sami

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As a working mom on the go, it’s tough to keep a clear head! 

So when Mucinex® approached me about tips to keeping a clear head while balancing my hectic schedule, I happily accepted the opportunity.

After all, I’m always getting asked how I do what I do.

To be honest, I don’t think there’s a magic answer.

I’m passionate.

I’m driven.

I don’t sit still well.

But that being said, there are a few things that need to happen for this well-oiled machine to keep running day to day smiley.

Seriously though, life is tough…especially if you’re a wife, mom, employee, care-taker (the list could go on). So here’s what you have to do:

1. Find a system that works for you
Whether it’s a time-management app on your phone, taking a timer with you into every room so you stay on task, or taking one day a week to unplug from technology, it’s important to assess your needs in light of your personality.

I like a combination of online calendars with notebooks I can write in to stay on task. I keep a running to-do list, so there’s never a moment I don’t have something to do.

2. Know when to unplug
I alluded to this in the previous tip and I mean it: It’s important to set aside time to unplug: literally.

This has been a hard one for me to learn, but we only have one shot at this life. While I enjoy working hard, I also want my family to recognize my face and not just the back of my head staring at the computer. Think to yourself, “If I lost my family tomorrow, would what I’m doing right now be worthwhile?” Scary thought, right? Our family recently had a life-changing, near-death experience and it brought this point to life in a very real way.

3. Only say yes to what you’re passionate about.
Once you eliminate the ‘good’ things in your life and focus on only doing what is ‘great’, you’ll find you’ll have a clearer vision laid out before you. Make sure to include your family in these conversations too. It’s important for them to know why you’re doing what you’re doing and then you have a better chance of not only receiving the support you need, but also actually completing the project at hand!

Keep in mind, I haven’t perfected any of these; it’s a day by day process. In case you thought I had my stuff together, check this out:

Balancing a hectic schedule is hard enough. Trying to keep it together when you’re under the weather requires additional help. Maximum Strength* Mucinex® Sinus-Max™ Pressure & Pain triple action formula fights mucus, congestion, sinus pressure and headache/pain.  With cold and flu season in full force, I am relieved to know that even my worst symptoms can’t derail my plans.

* Per 4-hour dose

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mucinex. The opinions and text are all mine.

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