The Daily Dash: August 8, 2017 {Get My Britton to Britain} @British_Airways #BALovesNashville

by brenna

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This is on my son’s bucket list…

The Daily Dash: August 8, 2017 {Get My Britton to Britain} @British_Airways #BALovesNashville 

* Winter Olympics exactly 6 months away
* Tropical Storm Franklin heads toward the Yucatan Peninsula
* Sinkhole in Southwest Florida condemns 5 more homes
* British Airways announces new nonstop flight from Nashville to London

God is not working toward a particular finish – His purpose is the process itself ~ Oswald Chambers

We made it through the first day of school and volleyball practice! Everything was pretty good, but my son’s lunch was “stolen”, so it turns out he didn’t eat all day and we have no idea why or who took his lunchbox out of his cubby. Poor little dude.

On a brighter note, we learned that British Airways is soon going to be flying nonstop from London to Nashville! Just last week, my son told me one of the items on his bucket list (if you can have a bucket list at 11) was to fly to London on British Airways first class. I’m not sure about that last part, but at least now we know the first part is possible! Hey British Airways, if you need the grandson of a true Brit who’s named after the country to be on that inaugural flight, I have your first volunteer 😉

If you want to help us get the word out to British Airways to get Britton noticed, will you use the #BrittonToBritain on social media?

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The Daily Dash: August 8, 2017 {Get My Britton to Britain} @British_Airways #BALovesNashville #BrittonToBritain

Hope you make it a great day!

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