The Daily Dash: July 16, 2018 {@Amazon Prime Day Starts NOW} #PrimeDay

by brenna

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It was an epic sports weekend followed up by an epic shopping day…

The Daily Dash: July 16, 2018 {@Amazon Prime Day Starts NOW}  #PrimeDay

* President Trump & Vladimir Putin meeting in Helsinki right now
* France beats Croatia to win World Cup
* Kerber & Djokovic won their respective Wimbledon championships
* Amazon Prime Day

My vision of God is dependent upon the condition of my character ~ Oswald Chambers

This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions! Not only did the second men’s semi-final match last over 5 hours, but then Serena immediately followed in the women’s final and lost. It was the first time I ever heard her voice break during a post-match interview. What a strong and beautiful encouragement she sent to all moms around the world! (Djokovic went on to beat Anderson in the men’s final on Sunday).

I was also a little heartbroken because someone I’d been praying over for the past month said they were going to stop praying and told me to stop praying for them as well. I know my job isn’t to save souls, but as someone who feels called to mentor others, it breaks my heart to think my words may have pushed someone further away from God.

We were supposed to go out to an early birthday dinner last night, but the kids didn’t feel great, so we stayed home and laid low on the couch. I’m hoping everyone feels better soon because I have some BIG plans for my birthday tomorrow – stay tuned!

Not that you need to buy me a gift, but Amazon Prime day starts today at 3pm. I’ll be honest, the only REALLY good deals I’ve seen thus far are on Amazon products like Echo & Dot. Keep in mind, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still going on & Macy’s also extended their Black Friday in July sale and even added MORE online only specials (with free shipping no matter how much you spend!).

PRAYER FOCUS: Discerning
I pray each of you have the ability to perceive motives and discriminate between good and evil.

As a reminder, all month on The Daily Dash I’ll be wearing tees from Project 615, who supports world-changing causes through their apparel. I’m breaking tradition a little bit today because I have to be on a conference call AND because I wanted to show off the exclusive teal “Spread Love” tee from Project 615’s 8th birthday bash…but I gave it to my daughter ? You can buy the original spread love tee here:

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The Daily Dash: July 16, 2018 {@Amazon Prime Day Starts NOW}  #PrimeDay

Hope you make it a great day!

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