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The Daily Dash: July 22 2015 {Wellness Wednesday Week 2}

In today’s Daily Dash video, July 22 2015, we jumped and celebrated with the Union Jack, but now it’s back to healthy habits…The Daily Dash: July 22 2015 {Wellness Wednesday Week 2}

* Trump Googled more than any other GOP candidate
* Questions continue to circle around Sandra Bland’s prison “suicide”
* It’s National Junk Food Day
* Obama has last appearance with Jon Stewart

* The kids had a blast at SkyZone Franklin yesterday and we were thrilled at how Britton’s Union Jack cake from Publix turned out! Of course, we forgot to get a family picture in all our British garb, but alas, that happens more often than I’d like to admit.

* We attempted to get back on a schedule today, with me walking early this morning and having a quick gratitude and prayer time with the kids before breakfast. I’m learning that relaxation & gratitude have just as much to do with health as exercise and eating.

* Speaking of health, tonight is week 2 of my Wellness Wednesday group. I’ve also been listening to the 10 Day Detox Diet audio CD and realize much of what I’m learning in my wellness group is also being echoed here.

* So while I wouldn’t say I’ve started the official 10 Day Detox Diet yet (I want to listen to it all before I officially start), I have gone ahead and given up gluten, dairy, sugar and caffeine, and I did walk this morning after waking, something Dr. Hyman recommends starting every day off with.

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The Daily Dash: July 22 2015 {Wellness Wednesday Week 2}

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Hope you make it a great day!