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The Daily Dash: July 24, 2017 {Kariss’ Surprise 13th Birthday Party}

I’m finally able to disclose the big secret…

The Daily Dash: July 24, 2017 {Kariss’ Surprise 13th Birthday Party} 

* 39 people found in the back of the sweltering truck in Texas, seven dead
* Michael Phelps races against great white shark and loses, sort of
* Jordan Speak wins British Open, youngest American to do so.
* Jared Kushner to testify behind closed doors

If Jesus Christ is only a teacher, than all He can do is frustrate me by setting a standard before me I cannot attain. ~ Oswald Chambers

I told you last week that there was a big secret…well I can finally reveal it: we had a surprise 13th birthday party for my daughter on Saturday! Technically, it was a surprise 26/2 birthday party, since her favorite number is 26.

Saturday morning, we gathered about a dozen women who have been (and continue to be) important in Kariss’ life, including teachers, coaches, mentors and family. I asked them all to think about 1 characteristic that describes Kariss in their minds and write a letter to her. When we gathered, they all read those letters to her in person, and I also shared letters and videos from women who couldn’t be there.

Then we moved to another part of the church for a second surprise: her friends, youth group and more family were gathered for lunch. We had a great time celebrating her and being together.

Saturday night, my best friend and I went to Carla Hall’s dinner on the grounds & Homecoming at Green Door Gourmet, and then my best friend from college surprised us and we got to hang out as well. Needless to say, it was an eventful weekend.

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The Daily Dash: July 24, 2017 {Kariss’ Surprise 13th Birthday Party}

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