The Daily Dash: March 11 2015 {Army Helicopter Crash}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, March 11 2015, tragic news emerges from a Florida beach overnight involving our service personnel…

The Daily Dash: March 11 2015 {Army Helicopter Crash}

* Army helicopter crashes on Florida beach; 11 feared dead
* 2 students expelled and apologizing after OU SAE incident
* Republicans “Not Satisfied” after learning Hillary Clinton discarded some emails before turning them over to State Department
* Johnny Depp injures hand while filming next “Pirates” movie (due out Summer 2017)

Loving: After being a little shocked about the less-than-kid-friendly content of Pippin last night, I’m excited to share this books with my kids today! Rob Elliot and his wife have written a number of great family-friendly books, but “More Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids” is perfect to give directly to your kids and then wait for the laughs to emerge at the dinner table 🙂

Learning: Going through an open door doesn’t mean life will be easy on the other side? God promised “Go and I will go with you”, not “Go and the job will be easy”. ~ said by John Ortberg (author of the new book “All the Places to Go”) at the Lipscomb University Nurture Conference yesterday.

Doing: It’s a writing and recording day for me, which is perfect because once again, it’s a rainy, soggy, gray day outside (which I happen to love – believe it or not, I already miss the cold weather).

You can click here to watch a preview of Pippin that aired on CBS news.

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The Daily Dash March 11 2015 {Army Helicopter Crash}

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