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Track Your Own Sales {Family Money Minute}


Track Your Own Sales

March 11, 2015: Track Your Own Sales

Is there a way to beat the system when it comes to retail shopping? I have a trick for you today to do just that!

I’ve often discussed the importance of tracking sales cycles in the grocery store and knowing the base price for the items you use most often, but it wasn’t until recently that I put the same principle to work for retail shopping.

Through my blog, SamiCone.com, there are certain stores that I track sales and discounts for throughout the year. So it got me thinking, why not do the same thing for retail shopping as I do for grocery shopping?

All you have to do is pick a favorite store or two and start tracking all the sales they offer. Pretty soon, you’ll not only see a pattern emerge, but after a year, you’ll know the best time to buy things. Who needs luck when you have shopping statistics?


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