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The Daily Dash: May 3, 2017 {#BigPayback}

Take time to give back today…

The Daily Dash: May 3, 2017 {#BigPayback}

* Trump & Clinton exchange bitter Tweets
* Small plane crashes into busy street and everyone survives
* Kylie Jenner selfie at Met Ball rivals record set by Ellen at the Oscars

This Week’s Verse: Colossians 3:20
Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.

Beware of the danger of spiritual relaxation ~ Oswald Chambers

Last night I really tried to get back to basics by making homemade chicken tortilla soup and then visiting our local library for a free yoga class and a “workshop” on coloring mandalas.

Today is my busiest workday, but I won’t be too busy to help some of my favorite non-profits with The Big Payback. The Big Payback, a 24-hour online giving event, highlights the great work of Middle Tennessee nonprofits and inspires community-wide giving. How does it work? Starting at midnight, donors have 24 hours to make gifts to 775 participating nonprofits, including schools and religious institutions, which are located in or provide services in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee. Gifts from the public are boosted with funds from sponsors of The Big Payback. Nonprofits vie for financial incentives, bonus donations, and prizes totaling more than $240,000.

It’s a simple way to help some of the non-profits you love and make your dollar (& voice!) stretch farther.

Frankly, I was amazed by just how many organizations we use and support every day (think school, library, youth orchestra, chess club, adoption services & more) that are non-profits and can benefit from some love today.

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The Daily Dash: May 3, 2017 {#BigPayback}

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Hope you make it a great day!