Is My Tween Daughter Alone in Doing This?

by Sami

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Is my tween daughter alone in doing this? Surely she’s not the only one.

Are any of you parents of a tween girl who’s hard on herself?

I know I’m biased & I know parenting is not for the faint of heart, but I think my daughter is incredible. She is smart, witty, artistic, gifted musically & brings joy to so many. Yet when it comes to herself & her work, she doesn’t get it.

Case in point: We colored mandalas at the library yesterday evening. She started two, but found fault with each, even though I praised her because she made wonderfully unique color & texture choices in each that I would NEVER have thought of.

She not only put herself down, but wanted to throw away the first two attempts. I reminded her (for the millionth time) to release the negativity & instead embrace the positive & find joy.

She then grabbed a plain sheet of paper & wrote “release”, which made me continue with “relax & rest”. So look at what she came up with! I asked her to write them on one page for me so I could hang the reminder in my office, but she fashioned it on 3 different papers with 3 different orientations.

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I know we (as women especially) will always struggle with self-worth & self-doubt, but I so long for her to see herself as I see her…& as I write this, it’s almost as if I hear God whisper “ditto”. ?.

So I guess that means I should get off here to go speak with my Heavenly Father more. But if you have any thoughts or wise words, I really would love to hear them.

There is no way I’m letting the negativity win. I will fight for the heart of my daughter and continue to point her towards positivity…even when she can’t see it for herself.

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