The South from a Midwesterner's point of view

by Sami

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*It’s amazing how long it takes someone here to say a 3 letter word (h-aaaaa-am sandwich, by-yyyyyy-e y’all)
*My son has already turned ‘Nashville’ into a 3 syllable word (Nash-a-ville)
*People are SO nice – they actually ask how you are, make eye contact, let you over when driving and smile randomly – crazy, I know.
*Cheaper auto insurance!
I’ll be sure to continue adding to the list as we’re here longer 🙂

*I think it’s funny that southern boys marry southern girls. When you think about it, isn’t it ironice that men who love John Deere and hunting have to cohabitate with these little proper belles who perfectly place 20 pillows on their bed everyday? Just a random thought that came to me today – don’t shoot me

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