Troop Zero Movie Review {The Daily Dash: January 17, 2020}

by brenna

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It’s my half-birthday and I’m sharing my thoughts on a delightfully surprising new family film…

Troop Zero Movie Review {The Daily Dash: January 17, 2020}


* Impeachment hearings begin today
* Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opens at Disneyland
* NFL division championship games to be played this weekend
* Betty White (98) & Michelle Obama’s birthdays (plus my half-birthday


True surrender will always go beyond natural devotion ~ Oswald Chambers


Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Nashville screening of Troop Zero, an Amazon Prime movie. Not only did the event benefit Play Like a Girl, one of the movie’s stars (and Nashville Native), Bella Higginbotham attended the premiere with us!

This is not your typical family film, and yet it touches on so many themes that we need to talk about with our kids today.

I shared my interviews from the Nashville premiere on IGTV. You can stream Troop Zero starting today on Amazon Prime.

I pray you recognize how unique God created each of us to be and remember that we are all beautifully and wonderfully made.

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Troop Zero Movie Review {The Daily Dash: January 17, 2020} #TroopZero

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