What is Skiptember & How it Helps Kids Around the World

by Sami

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What is Skiptember? I’m glad you asked! No, I’m not spelling September wrong. In essence, Skiptember is an initiative of Skip1.org. You skip something you don’t really need to help kids around the world.

To be more specific, you “skip” on the day of your birth. So since my birthday is July 17, my skip day is September 17. Instead of getting a coconut chai or going through the drive-thru, I take that money and donate it to help with the care and feeding of children in need.

Started by my friend, author, speaker and podcaster, Shelene Bryan, the Skip1 organization emerged from a truly remarkable experience.

One day, Shelene decided to see if the kids she sponsored actually existed. So she took the pictures off her fridge, traveled halfway around the world, and found Omega. Not only did she exist, she still lived in extreme poverty.

When Shelene discovered how much good she could do with just $20, she came back to the states determined to mobilize others to help.

Watch my full interview with Shelene from The Sami Cone Show:

Start by Saying Yes

So many of the greatest stories in the Bible just start with saying yes to God, and Skiptember is no different. They skip the big gala and ask people to forego something for the sake of someone else.

What You Can Skip

Some people skip a latte while others have skipped their tooth fairy money. The amount is irrelevant. The point is that you give up something for those in need and then share about it on social media.

Here are some ideas for what you can skip this month:

  • coffee at a coffee shop
  • eating a meal out
  • lawn care for a week
  • movie at a movie theater
  • a phone app
  • magazine subscription
  • new pair of jeans
  • house cleaner

Shelene spoke to a group of young entrepreneurs once and said she wasn’t afraid they were going to fail, but they would succeed at something not worthwhile. Skiptember is such a tangible way for people looking to help and connect with others.

“I’ve never met a generous person who was broke. The true gift belongs to the giver.”

Shelene Bryan

Get Shelene’s book, “Love, Skip, Jump” to learn more of Skip1’s origin story.

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