Yes, it's really me

by Sami

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Ok, I don’t know if this will clarify or futher confuse my fans. I realize the sheer fact that I’m now blogging twice in one month will make some of you even more suspicious that someone is threatening to take away my favorite bleach stained lounge pants if I don’t type exactly what they dictate to me when they tell me to do it. However, I wanted to assure you that yes, I am still wearing my favorite “home without company” outfit and yes, I did make a casserole.

Now let me also say that I did not plan on being in the same room when said casserole emerged from the oven, much less take a bite of it. I thought it would be a good dinner for my husband and children when I had to work late one night last week. Alas, my plans were thwarted and in my continuing effort to lead by children by example and not words alone, I felt compelled to try the melange of creamy whiteness.

Again – to clarify for my bestest of friends whose jaws are still on the floor – I still have an aversion to most things white and creamy: mayonaisse, ranch dressing, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, gravy and the like. The sole exception to this rule is whip cream – you can never have enough!!!!

Also, I did promise my mother in law that I would try anything she made homemade from scratch at least once, so I figured I better apply that principle to my own cooking. (I still can’t stomach sausage gravy, but I did try some collard greens at Tom Jenkins BBQ in Ft. Lauderdale last week that I might even try again one day – the most authentic BBQ me, Ricky or my dad have ever eaten – try it out!)

Well, there you have it. I am back to my old self and to prove it I made Gyoza tonight, just to make sure I didn’t taint my kids’ taste buds forever! (well, also to send off some friends moving to the mountains of NC next week since we know they wont be eating Japanese food anytime soon up there!)

See, Car, I didn’t give you your birthday present yet, but could you really ask for more than this?

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masterfamily May 14, 2008 - 12:52 pm

This is seriously GREAT! I want to read you every day! See how fun it is? Kick it into high gear. I want at least one more post this week…baby steps, mama!

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