Are your kids smarter than you?

by Sami

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The good news: I’ve started writing my “schedule” down on an index card before I go to bed every evening so I can think about and pray over my priorities for the next day. It’s helped set my mind at ease to go to sleep and helped me to focus throughout my day, measuring “emergencies” against what I’ve already identified on my list as a real priority.

The bad news: I often write more down than is possible to accomplish in one day
The result: I am still starting multiple projects without following through on everything.

Case in point: Ricky pulled out a bag from the Disney Store after he came home today while I was working on the computer downstairs (we usually keep a Disney “stash” of finds we pick up when we come across an outlet to use for future holidays and special occasions). Anyway, my husband had taken out a red, sequined Snow White headband that we found for $.99 and accidentally set it on the arm rest of one of our chairs and forgot to replace it in the bag. 

Shortly after, Kariss woke up, came downstairs, and spotted the red prize. “What is that red thing?” she said.
“What red thing?” I asked, seriously unaware of what she was referencing.
She pointed across the room and said, “I just saw that because it wasn’t a good hiding place.”
What’s a parent to do? Maybe we should start putting her in charge of her own surprises…

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