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Why am I so weepy?

Ok, so I understood when I first got pregnant why the tears flowed so easily – I mean I discovered hormones I never knew existed and Johnson & Johnson commercials took on a whole new meaning to me…
But why, three years after giving birth to my last child, do I still weep so easily. Seriously. My kids were watching the 1950’s version of the Parent Trap in our van the other day (yes, I am trying to indoctrinate them with my favorite childhood movies, including White Christmas, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Singing in the Rain and more…) and all of a sudden I start tearing up when I hear that Sharon and Susan are going to have to be split up again after reuniting for the first time in 13 years! It’s one person! I know that! What happened in this wierd world known as motherhood that prevents my brain from accurately communicating to my heart? Crazy.
What wacky things make you tear up? Help a sister out so I don’t feel so nuts!

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  1. Aw Samel t he Camel!!! This post reminds me of living with you! Miss you!