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Ask for Financial Assistance {Family Money Minute}


Ask for Financial Assistance

March 3, 2015: Ask for Financial Assistance

Has there ever been an activity you’ve wanted to participate in or an organization you wanted to join, but didn’t think you could afford it?

Whether it’s a private school, sports team, counseling or other fee based organizations, always ask if they offer financial assistance for those who qualify.

Never assume something isn’t possible or affordable. Many groups offer assistance based on your income. Even if you don’t qualify in that way, sometimes you can receive assistance because of your location or even if it’s your first time participating in the activity. I even discovered an almost three hundred dollar discount for a conference I wanted to attend because I was a first-timer.

However, most of these opportunities aren’t going to jump out at you: you either have to seek them out yourself or do some detective work to discover who the right person is to talk to in the organization to answer your financial questions.


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