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Ask For Help {Family Money Minute}


Ask for Help

March 2, 2015: Ask For Help

Have you ever taken one of those spiritual gift inventories? I have multiple times. And no matter when I do, I can tell you what comes up the highest and the lowest.

Even without such indexes, I could tell you that hospitality does not rank high on my character traits. But don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I don’t love helping people, I just don’t always know how to.

That’s why I give my friends and open invitation to always ask for help. I freely admit I may not be sensitive enough to know what they need when they need it, but I want them to tell me so I can be able to help.

The bottom line is this: we all need to ask. You never know, you may end up blessing someone else by modeling for them what it means to make yourself vulnerable and reach out.


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