Avoid Foreign Fees {Family Money Minute}

by brenna

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Avoid Foreign Fees[powerpress]

February 26, 2015: Avoid Foreign Fees

Credit card fees are never fun, but it’s even worse when they come on the tail end of a vacation!

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a wonderful vacation to the Caribbean or Europe that you’ve worked hard to save for and coming home to discover you’ve racked up a ton of foreign transaction fees on your credit card.

Many people, including myself, feel safer traveling with credit cards rather than cash, but that doesn’t mean that every credit card is good to travel with.

So how can you avoid this undesirable predicament?

I suggest calling your credit card company to find out the facts well in advance of your trip. Sometimes all it takes is notifying them in advance of your trip to avoid fees, and this isn’t a bad practice anyway so they know your credit card hasn’t been stolen when you start making charges in a strange place.

If they say that you will incur charges, simply state that that means you will have to take your business elsewhere, and see if that makes them change their tune. Often times, they’d rather budge on that 10% in lieu of losing your business altogether.


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