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Barter for Opportunities {Family Money Minute}


Barter for Opportunities

March 4, 2015: Barter for Opportunities

Your money isn’t the only thing others find valuable. Today I’m here to tell you about another form of currency….

I talked to you yesterday about asking for financial assistance, but what if you don’t feel comfortable doing that? Perhaps you want to get a little more creative when it comes to saving money? That’s where bartering comes it.

What unique skills do you have? Are you a great photographer? Skilled at social media? A master at marketing? Do you homework and discover what the organization, club, school or team may be lacking and offer your services in trade.

I see this happen all the time at professional conferences where people will offer their skills in exchange for a conference pass. But I’ve even used this method for everything from ballet classes for my kids to museum memberships.


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