Britton turns 3!

by Sami

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Yes, our little boy turned 3 yesterday! We can’t believe it.

I didn’t want to be on the computer during our celebratory weekend, so let me give you a brief update of all the fun that transpired:
Friday: Nani (shortened from Nanita, who is actually Anita, Rick’s mom) flew in from Florida. We took her for her first lunch at Monell’s in Germantown (though the restaurant is neither German nor in a town, but family style, good-ole traditional southern fare). Nani wanted to get the kids cowboy hats and boots for the birthday, and while we haven’t successfully found boots yet (i know, amazing that it would be this hard to find in Music City), we did find a cute cowboy and cowgirl hat (I promise to post pics soon). The evening ended with popcorn in front of the fireplace.

Saturday: Britton’s expression coming down the stairs to discovery his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party decorations were priceless! (Check out Facebook for the video) We found the “Party in a Box” for $2.50 at The Disney Store when we first moved here (which motivated the theme), and it was a big hit! He was awed and amazed that there was a birthday party, presents and decorations – just for him!
Ricky and Anita took the kids to Lowe’s to meet up with the rest of their friends to build a racecar (check out the free workshops at both Home Depot – usually the 1st Saturday of each month – and Lowe’s – usually every other Saturday). The kids had a great time (but I think the dad’s may have had even more fun!). I stayed behind to finish our Britton-selected menu: PB&J, homemade pizza, popcorn, “spicy chips” (Doritos), “fruit salad” (inspired from the Wiggles song, but this included grapes and strawberries), and finally homemade hummus and pita chips (so the adults had something for just them!)

Once again, Kariss was the only girl in the group (with the exception of Kathryn and Clementine, who are each 7 months old), so she quickly became the princess that the 7 pirates were trying to rescue. After a brave adventure throughout the house, the kids feasted on a brownie cake shaped like a Mickey head and mini chocolate  cupcakes with little “Bickey”s on them. It’s not a birthday in Britton’s mind until someone has cake and gets to blow out a candle.

Sunday: We brought the rest of the cupcakes to Britton’s class at church and then nw friends at church treated us to lunch at J. Alexanders. It had snowed the night before, so we got to enjoy the sunny but cold weather and even made it out to the “dragon” park for a little while before heading home.

All in all, we had a great time. I’ll be posting pictures soon and we’ll be happy to duplicate the celebration (or create an equally exciting one) if any of you want to venture our way in the upcoming months!

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